lucy commented on Officer saves the day

Thank God!!! He sent an Angel to her rescue!!! We senior citizens are doing the best we can with our limited resources. Blessings to that officer!

Praise The Lord!!!

David Taylor is also running

I didn't even vote for Mrs. Buie but that's too much of a salary cut for any position pay the lady like you did the man fair is fair. the supervisors can't let Vanderslice run the sheriff's office he was rejected by the voters of Pike County. Last but not least the streets near the courthous…

sell dope and serve time, steal a million and you're fine, what's wrong with this picture!!!!!!!!!! this is a shame and a disgrace

lucy commented on Dearing claims victory

Berger's comments are just inappropriate, looks like the foxes were guarding the henhouse.

Congrats Tammy, you won not because of, but inspite of, God Is!!!!!! way to go Pike County, those weapons didn't prosper

Great article, compassion for others is still very much needed, this family should be in all of our prayers

Say it ain't so the way they have been spending taxpayers money like it's going out of style, went crazy over that oil just like Jed Clampett, the money wasn't real , Jed didn't go to Beverly Hills till he got the money, oh this isn't TV,get your heads back to reality please this is a real w…

Joe, I hope you didn't take the taxpayers dollar as pay for August since you didn't come to the meetings, wouldn't want you to get a free ride, watching out for taxpayers.
Let's keep it real and stop the race baiting. Please stop the hypocrisy.