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Anonymous Comment commented on City to sue Aries over mobile homes

Just wondering , why gas prices jump up $ .25 cent over night? Just don't see the reason!

Anonymous Comment commented on McComb Market can take a load off cooks

While my girlfriend did some college paper online I took this article about students, and I want to say it pretty nice! Good one

Anonymous Comment commented on Keep transgenders out of the military

Just read this.....I am a retired First Sergeant, US Army. On the battlefield, it makes no difference what the status, gender, nationality, or race the person is in or near my foxhole. I just want to be assured that the soldier knows how to fire and maintain the weapon in possession, is prof…

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So sorry for Rebecca's family. She was a wonderful, beautiful, happy, loving person. There should more like her in this world, it would be a better place. I send love and prayers to her family, bless you all!

-Jo Lynn Gore

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with all the drug activity, home robberies, stray animals and trash in this neighborhood this officer finds being invited to a gambling party funny? can we get some real police officers in mccomb ?

Anonymous Comment commented on Rape suspect in custody

Thank God he is off the streets! Where was he apprehended?

Anonymous Comment commented on Man jailed on Pike child abuse charges

Has he been to trial yet?

-Concerned citizen

Preposterous! Not only is the Magnolia investigator wrong, he's embarrassing. Sounds like Magnolia would be a good place to open a police department.

-Concerned citizen