Last week’s article on a giant cherrybark oak tree gave some inaccurate information about a cowcumber tree, or magnolia macrophylla, near the site.

The article said the cowcumber — which has the largest leaves of any deciduous tree in North America — puts out blooms before it leafs out.

Mildred Nunnery of Amite County pointed out that cowcumber leaves come out first, followed by buds and blooms.

Nunnery, who has a green thumb, successfully grows the trees on her property on Hamp-Lea Road. Cowcumber trees grow wild in the Homochitto River Valley but are rarely seen in other parts of southwest Mississippi.

Old cistern cover

Davis McDaniel of Chatawa saw this week’s series on the Prospect Hill plantation in Jefferson County and discovered he has a historical artifact like one reported in the series.

The article mentions an iron cover for a dug well with the words “David McClure, Bluff City Foundry, Natchez 1881” on it.

McDaniel said he has an apparently identical cistern cover he bought at a junk store at Natchez Under-the-Hill 30 years ago.

Fernwood eagle

An Amite County reader called to say he saw an unusual sight when driving on Interstate 55 near Fernwood recently: a bald eagle.

The caller saw a large bird swoop down and bank to the other side, which gave him a closer view of the telltale white head, talons and beak.

“That’s the prettiest sight I’ve seen in a long time,” he said.

Bald eagles nest at Percy Quin State Park, which isn’t far from Fernwood.

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