Legislative committees are a place where most bills go to die. And so it was with a pair of bills seeking to restrict or ban dog hunting in Mississippi.

Senate Bill 2485 would have required permits and tracking collars for all hunting dogs on public or private lands statewide.  

House Bill 973 would have prohibited using dogs for hunting deer.  

Both bills died in their respecting Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks committees in the Mississippi Legislature this week.

Other wildlife-related bills that bit the dust:

• SB 2036, which would have allowed the use of electronically amplified sound devices for deer hunting.

• SB 2073, which would have required metallic tags to be affixed to the ears of wild hogs being transported.

 • SB 2074, which would have required additional regulation of freshwater fishing guides.

• SB 2285, which would have clarified that a conservation officer must have probable cause to conduct a search without a warrant.

• SB 2390, a Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act that would have banned the sale of certain exotic species like lions and elephants.

• SB 2391, which would have required the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to identify existing and needed wildlife corridors.

• SB 2484, which would have authorized landowners to shoot bears on their property.

• SB 2782, which would allow white-tailed deer to be raised in enclosures with a game breeder’s license.

• HB 152, which would have provided funding for state parks from net proceeds of the Mississippi Lottery Corp.

• HB 423, which would have required the wildlife department to create a harvest reporting program for deer and turkey.

• HB 431, which would have required the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to publish notice of hunting regulation changes in newspapers and radios and to notify legislators and county supervisors.

• HB 758, which would have authorized a 10% discount to senior citizens at state parks.

• HB 1192, which would have authorized disabled hunters to  use air rifles during hunting season.

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