Moree, Smith win at Lake St. John ‘flipping trees’

Winners from left are first place, Danny Smith and Elizabeth Moree; second place, Bryce White and Connor Quin; third place, Mike Spring and Justin Thompson; fourth place, John Grey and Joseph Hart.

Southwest Bass Club fished its second tournament of the new season at Lake St. John on Dec. 19 with 26 teams consisting of 41 anglers.

The morning began with Johnny Rials going over a few safety rules, and Jimmy Roberts leading us in prayer. Bryce White and Conner Quin called out flights.

Lake St. John lake conditions were partly sunny, winds out of the ESE at 10-15 mph, water stained, water temps 52-53 degrees and air temps 46-63 degrees.

Top 10 teams were as follows:

1.    Weighing in the heaviest sack of the day, Elizabeth Moree and alternate Danny Smith weighed in five at 14.09 pounds with a 3.56-pound kicker. They caught their bass flipping trees 3-6 feet deep.

2.    Following close behind, Bryce White and Connor Quinn weighed in five bass at 13.82 and also the big bass for the day at 5.84. They caught their bag late in the day flipping jigs and plastics on trees 2-4 feet deep.

3.    Coming in third, Mike Spring and Justin Thompson weighed in five bass at 13.07 with a 3.44 kicker. They caught their bag on crankbaits.

4.    Last payout went to John Gray and Joseph Hart. They weighed in five bass at 13.04 with a 3.47 kicker bass. They caught their bass on jigs in 2-6 feet of water.

5.    Chris and Slade Toler weighed in five bass at 13.01 with a 4.45 kicker bass.

6.    Richard Williams and Craig Callihan weighed in five bass at 12.44 with a 3.28 kicker.

7.    Derrick and Scott Toler weighed in five at 11.93 with a 4.34 kicker.

8.    Josh and Randy Simpson weighed in fives at 11.58 with a 3.20 kicker.

9.    Michael Dunaway weighed in five at 11.53 with a 4.17 kicker.

10.    Destre and Doll DeDeaux weighed in five at 11.21 with a 3.16 kicker.

Congratulations to all who placed. Southwest’s meetings are pending, but we will let fishermen know through Facebook on whether or not we will meet.

If you have any questions find us on Facebook @southwest bass club or contact Joe Moree at (601) 695-2256.

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