Southwest Bass Club fished its sixth tournament of the 2018-19 season at Black River Lake Complex in Monterey, La., with 25 teams totaling 43 anglers.

Fishing BRL at a level we have never fished it at as a club, 42.12 feet, we were all skeptical, except for Chris Thompson, who said we would catch an abundance of fish. The club showed out with 18 limits from 25 teams!

We normally have no major hiccups in the morning, but unfortunately longtime club member Bobby Reynolds, forgot to put the plug in his boat and after about an hour of it sitting in the water it began to sink. Fortunately we fish with a great group of men who put aside the tournament to help our fellow angler save his boat.

Joe Moree went over a few safety precautions, especially with the water being so high, and then led us in prayer. Jeff Brown called out flights. Official tournament time began at 6:30 a.m. and weigh-in was at 3 p.m.

Air temperatures were 49-72 degrees, water temps 64-68, lake level 8 feet above normal pool, water muddy, and winds 6 mph out of the west-southwest.

Top 10 teams as followed:

1. Bringing in the biggest bag of the day were Waylon Book and alternate Tyler Pere. They weighed in five fish for 12.6 pounds and had a kicker bass weighing 2.15. They caught their limit mainly on spinnerbaits and plastics flipping bushes.

2. Following closely behind were Patrick Engerran and Kyle Hills. They weighed in a limit at 12.1 pounds, landing them in the second hole, with a kicker bass weighing 3.5. They used jigs and targeted flooded timber.

3. Also keeping the weights tight and gaining third hole was Jake Shelby and Jay Case. They weighed in five fish at 12 pounds, and also weighed in the big bass of the day with a 4.8-pound bass! They used spinnerbaits and targeted flat banks.

4. Weighing in a limit at 11.4 and taking last-place payout was Jesse Mabry and grandson Tyler Wooley. Their kicker bass weighed 3 pounds. They targeted trees with plastics and an occasional whopper-plopper.

5. Josh and Randy Simpson had five fish at 9.15 with a kicker bass weighing 2.9.

6. John Grey and Tim Jones had five at 9.4 with a 2.8 kicker.

7. John Bruce had five at 8.15 with a 3.5 kicker.

8. Kell Thompson and Buddy Roberts netted five at 8.12 with a 2.2 kicker.

9. Kenneth Murphy and Bruce Knippers bagged five at 8.8.

10. Joe and Elizabeth Moree caught five fish at 7.10 with a 2.7 kicker.

Congratulations to all who placed. Southwest will meet again 6:30 p.m. May 16, at the Burger King on Delaware Avenue in McComb. If you have any questions, find us on Facebook @southwest bass club or contact Joe Moree at 601-695-2256.

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