Southwest MS Bass Club fished its second tournament of the 2019-20 season at Lake Bruin, La., with 22 teams consisting of 36 anglers.

After announcing a few reminders, Johnny Rials asked Josh Simpson to lead us in prayer. Calling out flights was Bruce Knippers, and blast-off began at 6:40 a.m., with an official weigh-in time at 3 p.m.

Lake Bruin fishing conditions were 49-54 degree air temps, cloudy all day, water temps 53-54 degrees, water clear to stained, and wind out of the NNE at 3-7 mph.

 Top 10 teams were:

1.    Taking first place for back-to-back wins with Southwest and big bass, John Bruce had five fish weighing in at 14.11 pounds and big bass weighing 3.75. JB said he caught his once again on a secret jig.. Why fix it if it’s not broken? He caught his mainly in skinny water.

2.    Bringing in the second heaviest bag was Chris Thompson and Robby Bowers with five fish weighing 11.43 with a kicker bass weighing 3.06. Chris said they caught their bag in 3 to 6 feet of water with jigs.

3.    Keeping the weights close and coming in at third, Elizabeth Moree and alternate Danny Smith weighed in five at 11.37 with a kicker bass weighing 2.42. They caught theirs in 2 to 4 feet of water with jigs, chatterbaits, crankbaits and an occasional plastic.

4.    Rounding out the payouts was Michael Dunaway. He had five at 11.16 with a kicker bass weighing 3.08. He said he caught his winning bag dropshotting in 6 to 10 feet of water.

5.    Derrick and Scott Toler weighed in five at 10.36 with a kicker bass of 2.46.

6.    Chris Toler and Brad Wooley weighed in five at 9.59 with a kicker bass of 3.10.

7.    Destre and Doll Dedeaux weighed in five at 9.19.

8.    Josh and Randy Simpson weighed in five at 8.99.

9.    Eric Farnum and Trevan Johnston weighed in five at 7.70.

10.    Ansel Davis weighed in five at 7.63.

he club will meet 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Burger King on Delaware Avenue in McComb to select a lake. If you would like to join, please come to a meeting to be voted in.

If you have any questions, find us on Facebook @southwest bass club or contact Joe Moree at 601-695-2256.

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