The other day while giving our lawn a good haircut astride our zero-turn Exmark mower, of a sudden I felt pain and a stinging on my lower right leg.

I stopped the mower as fast as I could and jerked my pants up in time to see two yellow jackets laying the fire to me.

I brushed them off and shot forward as fast as that 27-horse Kohler would take me away from the nest I apparently had run over in the ground up under the cover of all those pine needles near our entrance.

I never saw it coming, but the next morning, some 15 hours later, I was still suffering from those two stings from those little devils.

Later I eased out there with some gasoline, poured it down their hole and covered it up with a stone in revenge, but in the meantime they were the victor in this contest.

They are tiny compared to large red wasp or most other stinging insects but can inflict so much hurt.

Many people are allergic to them so badly they can die from just one sting as it closes their wind pipe. So they are nothing to play with.

One hit me about halfway down my shin and the other nailed me just up from my ankle on the inside and made my whole lower leg throb like a toothache until I drifted off into sleep last night.

I had no feeling either in all that area and I awoke the next morning about 4:30 with it all itching as the feeling was slowing coming back.

Something so little can hurt so much!

I remember back when I was a pastor in Leakesville one nailed me on my eyelid and I had to reach up and literally pull it off.

That was another painful experience with these tiny pain inflicting menaces.  

Can't help but remember a funny tale told to me by my longtime friend Tommy Wallace when a youth growing up in little old Jayess.

He and his cohorts of the Little Rascals of his day wanted to have some fun at the expense of an old man who claimed he could rob any wasp nest without getting stung. He would rub his hand under his old stinky armpit, and according to him, rob any he chose.

It was his bragging rights up until the day Tommy and the gang spotted a large red wasp nest the size of a dinner plate up in a bush on the side of the old dirt road.

They saw the old man coming in his bib overalls and started throwing rocks at the nest getting them all stirred up.

When they settled back down, they went to the unsuspecting victim to rob the nest for the larvae to go fishing.

He smiled and set out to oblige and followed them to the large nest still buzzing from the rock attack.

The gang all stood back and watched as he rubbed his hand under his stinky armpit. As he got his fumigated hand about an inch from the nest, they nailed him. Folks all the way back in town heard the hysterical screams.

The poor soul lived to tell the story but it broke up the wasp nest robbing for the remainder of his life!

With Flor, mosquitoes have waged a war on her, also tiny insect terrorists.

She loves the great outdoors and our yard shows it as she is slowly but surely turning it into a two-acre Bellingrath Gardens with all her floral array.

She has a green thumb, often just taking a clipping from a plant like one of her rose bushes and sticking it into the ground and it survive to grow on out.

But any part of her skin that is not covered gets stung by those pesky little things called mosquitoes.

She reacts adversely as she must be allergic to them.

The bite will swell and hurt her severely and all leave a permanent mark on her.

There are other natural causes of pain around here, like the healthy crop of poison ivy that flourishes abundantly.

I can just look at those 3 leaf plants and it seems go to itching!

Yes, all is there to make all of our lives miserable, but in spite of it all enjoy the great outdoors.

God bless you and God bless America.

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