Southwest Bass Club fished its fifth tournament of the season at Calling Panther Lake in Crystal Springs.

Our club had 29 teams consisting of 51 anglers at the 404-acre lake.

Preparing for the worst or best bite, everyone was ready to fish. Progressive Big Bass pot shot was up to $1,080, and knowing that this would be the lake it would happen on, everyone jumped at the chance to play.

Water clarity was stained to muddy, water temperature 60 degrees, air temp 47-56 degrees, and winds were out of the NNE at 9 mph.

 The top 10 teams were:

1.    Weighing in the biggest bag of the day were brothers Derrick and Scott Toler with five bass totaling 17.13 pounds.

Derrick said they caught their bass on plastics in shallow woods.

They also weighed in the biggest bass of the day, a 8.4-pound hog, and cashed in the big bass pot with total earnings of $1,880.  

2.    Bringing in the second heaviest sack of the day, father and son team Josh and Randy Simpson weighed in five bass at 17.8 with a kicker bass weighing 5.9. Josh said they caught theirs shallow on worms.

3.    Jeff Brown and Tyler Lumley brought in the third heaviest bag of the day with five bass weighing 16.10 and a kicker bass weighing 6.2. Jeff said they caught theirs in about 6 feet of water on Texas-rigged creature baits.

4.    Also in the money were Waylon Book and Bryce White with five bass weighing 15.14 with a kicker bass weighing 5.8. Waylon said they caught their bass with plastics and swimbaits.

5.    John Grey and alternate Ricky Grey weighed in five at 15.3 with a kicker at 5.12.

6.    Eli Fowler and Zak McDaniel weighed in five at 14.11.

7.    Eric Farnum and Trevan Johnson weighed in five at 14.9 with a kicker weighing 4.9.

8.    Joe and Elizabeth Moree weighed in five at 14.8 with a kicker at 4.5.

9.    Joseph Hart and Harrison Creel weighed in five at 14.5 with a kicker at 5.13.

10.    Patrick Engerran and Kyle Hills weighed in five at 13.8 with a 5.7 kicker.

The club showed out with 18 limits out of 29 teams and had 11 bass over 5 pounds weighed in.

For information contact Joe Moree at 601-695-2256.

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