Dozens attend North Pike basketball camp

Zach McArthur, center, prepares to take a shot while Javarie Clark waits next in line. McArthur and Clark were two of dozens of kids who participated in the annual North Pike basketball camp. 

It may be the basketball offseason but dozens of young kids are sharpening their skills on the court during Coach Terrell Anderson’s annual basketball camp. The head coach of the North Pike Boys Basketball team hosted dozens of kids from second through seventh grade at the Jaguar gym on the school’s campus in Summit.

“I love it, especially giving back to the community,” Anderson said. “They always ask me through the season, ‘Coach when are you going to do a camp?’ So I made sure this summer that I had to get a camp going.”

The three-day camp goes over important fundamentals to the game. “ (Sometimes) we don’t realize the importance of kids learning fundamentals at the young age.”

Camp participants also learned several skills to help improve their game.

“We work on communicating, begin a positive teammate, we broke down defensive drills, teaching them the fundamentals of passing, the chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass,” he said. “We worked on ball-handling skills and these are things that we worked on every day for a certain amount of time along with stationary skills. We also teach them footwork because footwork is important in basketball and shooting drills. We also did conditioning, getting them ready and in basketball shape.”

Anderson was joined by North Pike assistant coach Brian Eby and a slew of current Jaguars like Damuriyon Montgomery and Alijah Martin, who were camp counselors. Anderson said he is thankful for the help he receives to run the camp, especially from his counselors.

“The guys were really excited about the camp,” he said. “I thought that I was going to have to pull them in but they came to me and volunteered. Some even took off work from their summer jobs to help out. And they’ve been doing excellent. The kids have really enjoyed being out there with the guys that they see on the court during the season. They’ve been very helpful and it is a good experience for them.”

Among the young campers this year was 12-year-old Javarie Clark, who is grateful of the skills he learned at the camp, especially how to be a good teammate.

“I have lots of fun,” he said. “They teach me how to practice and shoot around. We use teamwork to help each other out. When we miss a shot we clap each other on.”

Also participating in the camp is fellow 12-year-old Zach McArthur who said that playing basketball is in his blood. “My dad played basketball and it just runs in the family, I guess,” he said.

McArthur added that he wants to continue to play when he reaches high school and he enjoys watching Martin play.

For Anderson, seeing the next generation thrive on the court is rewarding for him.

He takes pride in not only teaching the kids the fundamentals and skills of basketball but also about being a good teammate overall no matter the sport.

But overall it is seeing the kids have a good time.

“I enjoy seeing the kids having fun,” he said. “I also actually get a kick out of seeing what I have coming up in the next few years. There is a lot of talent out there in this camp. I’m excited and the kids are excited.”

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