Several youth attend back to school summer basketball camp

Andrew Johnson, front, goes through a passing drill while camp organizer Cavadas Nunnery looks on. 

The middle of the summer normally marks the time when basketball is not in session. With school ball taking place during the winter followed by AAU in the spring, the summer is normally the down time.

But for Cavadas Nunnery, he looked at it as a chance to help kids continue to sharpen their skills on the court before school goes back into session next week.

Nunnery held his first-annual Back2School Basketball Camp Monday through Wednesday at First Baptist Church in McComb.

“It was a great turnout especially for an event that was last minute and close to school but it was a great turnout especially with the younger kids,” Nunnery said. “Twenty-seven kids from the first grade through the sixth grade. I was really happy with the turnout.”

During the camp, Nunnery and the camp counselors set up multiple stations on the court at the church. The campers got the chance to enhance their skills by participating in an array of drills.

“We had a defensive station, a ball-handling station, we had a shooting station and we had a footwork station,” Nunnery said. “Wednesday, we incorporated a passing station so we did a total of five different stations throughout the camp. After that we did conditioning and gave the kids the opportunity to play 1-on-1 and 2-on-2.” 

Putting on the camp gave Nunnery the chance to reminisce back to when he attended camps as a youth.

“This was me going through different camps and being able to participate with other kids, so it is really rewarding to give the kids the opportunity to play with other kids.”

He adds that in addition to learning new skills on the court he also teaches the mental aspect of the game and he also holds a devotion every morning before camp.

One of the kids who participated in the event was South Pike ninth-grader Jabari Garner, who enjoyed the experience of playing and competing with his peers. 

“We all know each other but we know that it is a competition, we are all trying to get better.”

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