Dozens attend McComb neighborhood basketball jamboree

Jaden Lewis prepares to take a shot during the Hoop Jamboree 3 event held Saturday on Summit Street in the Burglund neighborhood. Event organizers are deeming the event a success. 

It was an event that was months in the making. The Hoop Jamboree 3 took place Saturday on Summit Street and featured basketball tournaments for multiple age groups.

Event organizer William Quin deemed it a success and was thankful for the large presence at the jamboree, which started with a parade in the morning.

“It surprised me,” he said. “Not only did the people come out, they came out for the parade. The parade was awesome. We had people standing on each corner.”

The weather was ideal for the event with clear skies, but there was high humidity.

“Everybody had a great time. It was just so hot,” Quin said.

In addition to the basketball games and parade, the event featured a car show, food and drink and activities for younger kids.

Despite the heat, several children competed in the basketball events.

And even though there was intense competition, Quin decided not to award trophies to just the winning teams, but to all children who participated.

One of the children who participated was 11-year-old Jaden Lewis, who was thankful to be a part of it.

“It was very fun,” he said. “Everyone came out and had a good time. It was fun, you got to play with your friends, shoot basketball with your friends. It has been a good day. I like this so far.”

He also looked at the event as a chance to connect with others and make new friends. “It’s good,” Lewis said. “People get to know each other.”

During the event, Quin listened to feedback from several attendees as a way to get new ideas for future events in the area.

“I have a lot of people giving me a lot of different directions to go in,” he said. “I am going to sit down and see how this is going to play out.”

Quin was overwhelmed by the response from not only those in the Burglund neighborhood of McComb but others across Southwest Mississippi who came to Summit Street to celebrate. And even though he wants to continue this tradition again next year, he is unsure if he will be able to out-do what he did this year.

“I don’t know if I can or not, but I really appreciate everyone who helped out,” he said.

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