If District Attorney Doug Evans bows out, as he should, from prosecuting accused killer Curtis Flowers for the seventh time, the most likely office to pick the case up would be Attorney General Jim Hood’s.

Hood, though, doesn’t want it. On the day when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Flowers’ latest conviction on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, Hood said if Evans steps away or is recused, the attorney general would prefer that another district attorney handle the case.

Hood cited as his reason the small number of prosecutors in his office, but there are also obvious political implications for him in his run for governor.

For the likely Democratic nominee to win in November, he’s got to get most of the state’s black vote and a significant chunk of the white vote, too. He can’t afford to alienate either bloc.

The Flowers case, though, has racial fallout written all over it, as the belief in the defendant’s guilt or innocence falls largely along racial lines.

If Hood prosecutes the case, it may cost him some black support. If he declines to and lets Flowers go free, he could lose white voters.

It’s a hot potato he wants Evans to either hold onto or toss to anybody but him.

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