It’s unusual for a doctor’s behavior in a medical emergency to be more reckless than the general public’s, but that’s the only way to describe U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s decision to conduct business as usual after being tested for the coronavirus.

Paul, a Republican senator from Kentucky, announced Sunday that he had tested positive for the virus and went into quarantine. Unfortunately, earlier in the day he had been in both the Senate gymnasium and the Senate swimming pool.

That’s unbelievable. Paul’s office said he got tested six days previously as a precautionary measure, and apparently not because he felt any symptoms that are related to the virus. That implies he figured he didn’t have it — but it also implies that he didn’t bother to think of what might happen if he was indeed infected.

If Paul mingled with senators in between his test and his diagnosis, he could have infected a number of his colleagues. His thoughtlessness is mindboggling, especially given his training as a physician. It is every bit as ridiculous as those kids partying on the beach in Miami last week.

Senators have to figure out how to direct financial aid to the millions whose jobs have been affected by the spread of the virus. It does the country no good if a few of them ignore warnings, then get sick and cannot vote in person.

Jack Ryan, Enterprise-Journal

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