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A car is parked outside the Greater Hope Church of God in Christ Ministry Homeless Shelter on North Locust Street in McComb.

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A former east McComb resident says the creation of a homeless shelter in the area is a good idea in spirit but that developers haven’t secured…

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I believe that someone needed to step up and help the homeless, if it is such a good idea to move to the country which one of you are going to buy the building? Will it be your Mr. Conerly, or the city? The building is a home no matter if it is perfect or not and it seems as though you got wrong information it sounds like the owner has the proper permits and is dealing with the business she needs to.

I am sick of everyone coming up with good ideas in the world and doing nothing to help a growing problem, oh and by the way not every homeless person has substance abuse issues, so giving them all rehab does not apply to all homeless.

Yes, they have fallen on hard times, yes they need love and attention and yes that is what the shelter does.

Tell me what businesses are affected in the area the shelter is there are no businesses near it, sorry for the neighbors, it is at a corner of a main street and there are not alot of houses around it just a few, so it is in a great location for a homeless person to get around to appointments and looking for work, out in the country doesn't work!

It is a time to reflect on do we want to help the homeless in what we think is right and good or do we want to appreciate a woman who did what all of the community should have been doing long ago, sure I am sure she would love one of you that don't like her location to buy her a building free of charge wherever you think is best will work, free is free, now if you can't give a building free of charge than accept she has done what her finances would allow and that is that.

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