Kizzy Coney will be president of the McComb school board for a second year, winning a 4-1 vote Tuesday that included a lobbying handout from trustee Lynn Martin, who also sought the post.

Under the board’s prior system of rotating its officers, Martin was the current vice president and in line to become president next month. But in May trustees changed their method of selecting officers.

Last month, Coney said the reason for the change is that the system of rotating officers does not conform to state law, which states that a school board “shall organize by the election of a president, a vice president and a secretary from its membership.”

Martin opposed the change, saying last month the decision appeared timed to keep her from becoming school board president. She also said the board should have discussed the change several months ago instead of just before the officers’ term ended.

Just before Tuesday’s meeting started, she handed out an 11-page document asking trustees to elect her president. It listed her goals for the school board, her background, a list of continuing education programs she has attended and articles about how good school boards operate.

The back page was lighter fare: a sweet potato pie recipe.

The board wrapped up the meeting’s agenda in just 15 minutes before electing its officers. Betsy Murrell nominated Coney for president, and Martin nominated herself. Coney, Murrell and trustees Angela Bates and Eliece Rayborn voted for Coney, while Martin voted for herself.

Results were the same in the votes for vice president and secretary. Murrell, nominated for vice president by Rayborn, got four votes for vice president while Rayborn, nominated for secretary by Murrell, also got four.

After the vote, Vernell Simmons, who was broadcasting the meeting on Facebook Live, asked Coney several times if the microphones in front of the trustees worked. Coney did not respond, and Martin spoke into one and said they were working. Simmons said board members should speak more directly into the microphones because it was hard to hear what they were saying.

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