A former McComb pastor and basketball coach was booked into a Louisiana jail Monday on charges stemming from an allegations he sexually assaulted a juvenile years ago.

Todd Foster, 52, was booked Monday with felony charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Parish Public information officer Allison Hudson said Foster surrendered to authorities Monday afternoon and was awaiting a bond hearing.

“The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office received a report on October 8, 2020, about a carnal knowledge of a juvenile case,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office. “The juvenile unit began an investigation and learned that Foster had recently reached out to an associate confessing that he had sexual intercourse with a juvenile that occurred at his residence in Ascension Parish in 2007. Foster and his wife Rochelle recently resigned from The Well church.”

The church said in a recent letter to its members that the Fosters “needed a one-month Sabbatical to allow them a time of rest” in mid-September.

“During this time of rest, the leadership of The Well, including Pastor Todd, Pastor Rochelle, the Elder body, and the Overseers, collectively decided that Pastors Todd and Rochelle should resign from their roles as Lead Pastor of The Well church effective Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020.”

In addition to being a pastor, Foster is also a former basketball coach. Before leading The Well full time, he was the head coach at Parklane Academy. Before that, he coached Christian Life Academy in Baton Rouge, leading the team to three straight state championships. Then he coached for two seasons at Baton Rouge Community College.

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We all have some "crooked paths" in our past, some carry more implications and ramifications than others, but Tod Foster will always be my friend regardless of how this turns out


We have all sinned & fallen short. I don’t condone sin but I don’t judge it either no one sits that high. That’s God’s job. Pastor Todd & Rochelle are wonderful people of God. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. He turned himself in because he loves God & the Fosters will always be family to me & I support them. This was 13 years ago . For anyone that gossips about this I will just say this, have you forgotten that God once forgave your sins too? Be blessed .

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