Pike County courthouse officials have suspended curbside service and are asking people to conduct business over the phone, online or by mail.

Employees will also put up a drop box for people to deliver tax payments in the form of money orders, said Tax Collector Gwen Nunnery.

“We have been doing curbside for two weeks,” she said. “With the governor’s order we’re going to suspend curbside for now.”

Last week Gov. Tate Reeves issued a stay-at-home order.

When a drop box is in place, “people will have to get money orders because cash cannot be dropped in the drop box,” Nunnery said, noting other counties are doing the same thing.

People with questions can call her office for instructions.

“I’m providing service online and by mail. This is additional for those who will not mail it in or go online,” Nunnery said.

“We’re doing everything we can to communicate with the public.”

Other departments have ended curbside service as well, said Chancery Clerk Becky Buie.

Tax Assessor Laurie Allen asked supervisors to install plexiglas at her front counter as they plan to do for other offices.

Currently the public is not allowed inside the courthouse. Deputies are stationed at entrances, and department phone numbers are posted so people know whom to call.

In a related matter, Supervisor Tazwell Bowsky said some residents are confused about curfew hours.,

The governor’s order took effect 5 p.m. Friday and runs to 8 a.m. April 20, leading some people to believe there’s a 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. curfew, said Sheriff James Brumfield.  

Pike County and its towns do have a curfew of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. except for people going to and from work, seeking medical help, and for certain jobs like law enforcement and public utilities.

Brumfield said people have generally been observing the curfew.

“We made a few stops, but it’s just to see if they’re going to work,” he said. “If they’re not going to work, we ask them to go home.”

Deputies have also dispersed a few groups of over 10 people but didn’t get any pushback, he said.

“No real issues. Everybody in the county seems real amenable and agreeable to the order,” Brumfield said.

He said deputies haven’t written any tickets for violating the curfew or other coronavirus restrictions.

“This is not a communist country,” Brumfield said. “We still have our freedom even with this order.”

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