It’s something that no football player or coach ever wants to go through. Although injuries in the game are common, there are times when a serious injury will occur. And unfortunately one occurred Thursday night in Centreville.

ASC freshman Gabe Burnett went to make a tackle in the second quarter of a junior varsity game against Centreville Academy, hit helmet to helmet with another player and immediately went down.

ASC head coach Joe Weaver said Burnett is conscious and was expected to be released from the hospital late Friday.

“Russell Cruise and the staff at Centreville did a wonderful job there,” Weaver said. “The EMTs there got there in pretty good time. I was really thankful for what they did.”

The game was halted as a medical helicopter was brought in, landing on the football field, to take Burnett to a hospital.

Burnett was flown to Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge, where he was kept overnight.

He was diagnosed with a cervical fracture in his neck and will be required to wear a neck brace for 6-8 weeks, Weaver said.

Weaver is glad to hear that Burnett is doing better. He said that he is thankful that nobody moved Burnett after the injury because it could have made it worse.

While the injury will keep Burnett out for the remainder of the season, Weaver said he will be able to attend games to cheer on the Rebels. Weaver also said Burnett will miss some time at school but is expected back soon.

Friday morning, Weaver said the scary situation that he, his players and the fans witnessed Thursday night puts things in perspective for him as a football coach.

“Football is just a game and everything is temporary. The bigger picture with these kids is life and teaching them the value of life,” he said. “A night like that and something happening like that, it just kind of puts into perspective what we are really doing.”

Centreville  won the game 24-8.

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