Police have identified the Texas man who died as the result of a wreck on Interstate 55 Sunday afternoon.

Aaron Maldonado, 25, died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash that trapped three other travelers inside a burning vehicle, McComb police confirmed Wednesday night.

All three other travelers, including a minor, survived the accident.

The travelers were driving southbound along Interstate 55 when their vehicle veered off the roadway and into the Park Drive Extension underpass.

McComb police arrived at the scene of the accident to find a burning vehicle with the passengers trapped inside. Officers worked to free them, using a fire extinguisher and other tactics.

Maldonado was pronounced dead at the scene, while three others were transported to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, where they were in critical condition.

Police arrived at the scene after another southbound driver spotted the accident, pulled over and called 911.

SMRMC respiratory therapist Aretha Williams said she, along with another respiratory therapist from a different facility and a nurse from a third medical facility, provided medical attention to injured people at the scene.

Williams left Walmart and came upon the accident, presumably not long after it had taken place. “I saw the guy pulled over on the side of the highway and his car was smoking,” Williams said.

She said she called 911 before making contact with those in the vehicle, she said.

She asked a man at the scene whether there were any other people trapped inside the vehicle, and he indicated there were three others. “It’s my instinct to just jump into action,” Williams said.

She started tending to that man’s injuries while police arrived at the scene. Police asked the good Samaritans to back away from the vehicle, which by now was on fire. Police worked to free the trapped passengers.

Also responding were McComb police Sgt. Wally Jones, officers Kylene Lowe, Christopher Haas, Bobby Enlow and Max Adams.

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