McComb police clarified Tuesday that only one of two victims shot Saturday at a mobile home park has died and the teenager accused in the shooting faces aggravated assault charges in addition to one count of murder.

Tucker Morris, 16, was charged with murder in the shooting death of Laquasha Martin, 40, and aggravated assault in the wounding of Charles Martin, 32.

Detective Victoria Carter said Tuesday that Charles Martin sustained multiple gunshot wounds but did not die. He is in an undisclosed hospital.

When reached Tuesday, Carter would not disclose possible motives behind the shooting or the caliber weapon used, citing an ongoing investigation.

A press release from Carter on Monday afternoon stated that Charles Martin suffered multiple gunshot wounds at a mobile home park at 3006 Old Liberty Road and Laquasha Martin’s body was found on the porch of a neighboring home.

It said Morris was charged with murder but did not mention the aggravated assault charge, leading the Enterprise-Journal and some Jackson television stations to erroneously report that Charles Martin had died.

The press release also did not state how Laquasha Martin died, but Carter said Tuesday that Martin also suffered gunshot wounds.

Morris was arrested at a neighboring trailer hours after the shooting, Carter said Monday.

A neighbor who did not give his name said Tuesday no one in the neighborhood knew what happened, calling the shooting a “crazy” situation.

“No, he didn’t seem like the kind of kid to do that,” the neighbor said of Morris.

The neighbor also said he did not know the motive or the details of the shooting, nor had he heard the gunshots despite living a short distance from the crime scene.

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