Pike cases down, state up

Mississippi’s low streak on coronavirus infections hit a bump Friday, with the state adding its highest number of cases since late August. Still, Pike County’s lowest weekly average since early June occurred this past week.

The state reported 853 cases on Friday for a total of 89,175 since the onset of the pandemic — the highest daily count for the month. The highest daily case count before that was 904 on Aug. 26.

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs noted the rise in cases, and asked Mississippians to stay focused on slowing the spread of the virus and to follow the mandates and recommendation of the state and Center’s for Disease Control.

Dobbs tweeted Friday morning, “853 new cases and a modest uptick in new COVID hospitalizations. One day does not make a trend — but it should remind us to keep our guard up.”

Dobbs said Mississippi is a long way from herd immunity, a route he opposes given the high number of deaths and hospitalizations that would be needed in order to achieve immunity among the state’s population.

Pike County rose by two cases to 1,183 total. As of Friday, the daily average case count for this week was 2.9. That is comparable to the average of 2.3 cases a day for the week of June 6-12 two months ago, when the county had one of its lowest occurrences of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.  

This average is similar to an uptick experienced at the beginning of a spike that occurred mid-June.

State health officials often point to Memorial Day as the starting point of a second spike, and they’re wary of another spike following Labor Day that could be represented in case numbers over the next week or two.

In other virus numbers, Wilkinson County added one case to grow to 288, while Amite, Lawrence and Lincoln counties each reported three additional cases, bringing Amite to 289, Lawrence to 420 and Lincoln to 1,071. Franklin County’s count was revised down to 181.

Amite, Lawrence and Pike counties each recorded one new death. This brings Pike County’s total deaths to 47. Amite has had 10, while Lawrence has had 12.

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