Linemen continued working to restore power to the thousands of Southwest Mississippians whose lights were out even as more rain began to fall Wednesday afternoon and the threat of rolling blackouts loomed.

Pike and Walthall counties remained the areas with the most outages in the wake of this week’s icy weather.

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, 905 Entergy customers in Walthall County were without power. At 11 a.m., 2,046 Magnolia Electric Power customers there didn’t have lights.

According to outage maps from both power companies, customers in Tylertown and along highways 98 and 48 were the most affected. Entergy’s map showed 287 outages in Tylertown and 674 along Highway 48 running through Pike and Walthall counties.

In Pike County, power was out for 738 Entergy customers around 2 p.m. and for 1,262 Magnolia Electric customers at 11 a.m. Southeastern portions of Pike County and areas east of Fernwood to the Walthall County line were the most affected.

Entergy’s map showed 412 customers east of Fernwood had no power, while 164 in or near Magnolia were affected.

Entergy warned of the possibility of rolling blackouts across its service region, including Mississippi, citing the strain the high demand for power is placing on the electrical grid.

The utility asked customers to conserve electricity in order to avoid possible power interruptions.

“The company’s reliability coordinator, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, has made this request to Entergy and other utilities in its footprint, including other utilities in our area,” a company statement said. “If the power supply cannot meet the demand, then periodic power outages would be needed to prevent an extensive power outage that could last an extended period.”

The request to use less energy doesn’t apply to elderly customers or those with special health concerns, the utility said.

Entergy is reminding its customers to be vigilant against scammers trying to take advantage of the winter weather event.

They warned that scammers may call customers pretending to be an Entergy employee asking for immediate electronic payment of a bill. Scammers may also pose as utility workers going door-to-door.

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