Liberty and Gloster mayors held onto their seats on Tuesday’s municipal elections, while Liberty will gain two new board members.

Gloster mayor Jerry Norwood defeated Janice Bell Weatherspoon 266 votes to 80. All five aldermen were unopposed.

In Liberty, Mayor Pat Talbert narrowly overcame John T. Morgan III with 91 votes to 87.

Nine people ran for the five at-large Liberty aldermen seats, including all five incumbents.

Winners were incumbents Greg Walsh with 129 votes, Nora Morgan with 108 and Walt Gaston with 100, plus newcomers John Shivers with 109 and Curtis Seay 106.

Trailing were incumbents Charlie Brister with 55 and Bobby Hayes 53, as well as challengers Dennis Canova with 81 and Laura Graves 48.

This was Talbert’s second win against Morgan for Liberty mayor. Both races were close.

“It was tighter than it was four years ago,” said Talbert. “Four years ago it was six votes difference, this year it was four.

“We had a good clean race. I congratulate him on just how well he ran. I know Johnny loves Liberty just like I do.”

Talbert said he was a bit disappointed with the turnout, which was 52%. But he’s looking forward to the next term in office, which officially begins July 1.

“We’re going to keep trying to locate and bring more businesses in here and make more jobs and more tax revenue for the town. That’s the main thing,” Talbert said. “We’ve got some things working right now that we’re waiting to hopefully finish up.

“We’ll just get back to the grind and keep things moving forward.”

He’s excited about working with the incoming board.

“We’re going to have a great board, and we had a good board,” Talbert said. “I don’t have any problem with who’s coming on. We’ve got some guys with some fresh ideas. New blood is always good, too.”

In Gloster, Norwood said, “I think the majority of the citizens spoke. It shows that they’ve been happy. I look forward to continue working with this board that I’ve got. I’ve got a really good board.

“I look forward to improving the streets, trying to get more industry here and working with the citizens.”

Norwood said he has an open-door policy for all citizens.

“If they have a problem, come to me,” he said. “I’m willing to talk and work with anybody in this town. I can’t stress that enough.”

During the campaign he heard concerns from residents about noise and four-wheelers riding town streets, which he plans to address.

“We’ve got to move Gloster forward. I think we’ve moved Gloster more in four years than we have in the past 20 years because we have a group of people that’s willing to work together.”

Gloster saw a 43% voter turnout.

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When will the results be posted for the Magnolia Election?

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