The Mississippi Department of Transportation is looking to have sewer hook ups in Osyka for the welcome center, asking the town for a rate proposal.

After some discussion, the board agreed the town would give its regular rate of $16 of the first 1,500 gallons and an additional $6 per 1,000 gallons after.

“We don’t have a commercial rate. There is nothing different between commercial and residential,” Mayor Allen Applewhite said. “I’m sure if we have additional cost, they will work with us.” 

When asked how much sewage the town could expect from the addition, Town Clerk Denise Bonvillian said MDOT estimated about 8,000 gallons a day. She also noted that the costs associated with bringing sewer lines through would be eaten by MDOT using a grant it secured.

Alderman Ken Morris asked if the town’s lagoon could handle the expansion, and Applewhite said it would be fine, noting that the lagoon “probably has evaporation more than that in the summer.”

Morris said no matter what there will be an increase in electricity usage, which will lead to higher town expenses.

“If it is going to use more energy, it is going to cost more money. I can guarantee that,” he said. “Entergy, they are going to get theirs.”

The board agreed to propose the regular rate, and watch closely in case the town needs to raise the rates to compensate for the increased usage.

The board also discussed the town’s siren, which despite being repaired with a new battery last year, has yet to work during a storm. Bonvillian said she, along with former town clerk Hilda Wall, had been emailing back and forth with Marcus Buffington, the contractor who installed the battery.

“We had just paid him over $3,600, and he had did a check on it, and I was here so I heard it come on, and that was it. It had never come on since,” Bonvillian said.

She said Buffington continually committed to servicing the siren when he would be in the area, but the town recently got a letter explaining that Buffington would no longer be working on sirens due to expenses and other factors.

The board asked Bonvillian to speak with Pike County Civil Defense about the repairs.

In other news, the board

• Declared April Fair Housing Month as part of requirement for a grant they will be receiving.

• Approved the privilege licenses of Carl Christian Trucking, Sassone Timber, Sandra’s Southern Cooking, T&D Small Engine Repair and Smith and Son.

• Authorized the mayor to sign a $37,795 contract with WGK Engineering for providing engineering designs and construction administration services for the town’s CDBG project and a $33,975 contract with The Ferguson Group for providing administration services for the grant as well.

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