Multiple car chases cropped up Thursday as Pike County lawmen worked to catch the speeding culprits, and tips from Osyka residents given directly to new Sheriff James Brumfield helped seal the deal in one of those cases.

Deputies with the Pike County Sheriff’s Department arrested Timus C. Martin, 20, of 1013 Lonnie Rd., Osyka, after a tip delivered to the sheriff made it’s way down the chain of command to patrol.

Chief of Operations Bruce Fairburn said Martin failed to yield to a traffic stop on Foxchase Road east of Osyka  and gave chase, running several stop signs.

Deputies found a handgun in his possession after making the traffic stop and searching the vehicle just before 8 p.m. Thursday evening, Chief Deputy Brad Bellipanni said.

Martin is charged with one count possession of drug paraphernalia, one count reckless driving, one count failure to yield to a traffic device and one count resisting arrest.

Bellipanni said Foxchase residents alerted Brumfield to concerns they had in the area of their community, and the department ordered extra patrols in response. He said those tips led to the arrest.

The assistance of citizens in identifying community issues makes a big difference in public safety, Bellipanni said.

“We want citizens to know they can call us if they’re having an issue,” he said. “We’re here to help.”

In a second car chase, McComb police arrested three individuals accused in the theft of a car from a dealer in south McComb following a chase that ended in a wreck in East McComb Thursday afternoon.

Detective Victoria Carter said police arrested Nijoual Rontel White, 18, of 1220 Parklane Rd. Apt. C., and several juveniles after they allegedly stole a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt from Quick Cash at 4154 Highway 51 in McComb.

Police received the report of the stolen vehicle and located it traveling southbound on Elmwood Street just after 1 p.m., Carter said.

In attempting to escape pursuit, the assailant’s vehicle left the roadway and crashed on Elmwood Street, Carter said.

Officers arrested two juveniles in addition to White without incident after the trio attempted to flee the scene on foot. Carter said the total number of juveniles involved is not yet known to investigators.

White is charged with one count conspiracy and one count felony motor vehicle theft. He was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday.

The juveniles involved will appear in Pike County Youth Court.

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