A Pike County supervisor said Wednesday he wants to penalize a cable TV company for raising rates, or at least compensate its customers.

Supervisor Tazwell Bowsky said Sparklight, formerly known as Cable One, recently raised its rates and cut some channel offerings. His own bill went from $80 to $145.

“Can we start reimbursing county residents on the money?” he asked.

Board attorney Wayne Dowdy said supervisors can’t control the company’s rates but can hold hearings and ask for explanations.

The cable company uses county rights of way to lay its lines.

Bowsky suggested raising the amount the county charges Sparklight for easements, or inviting other cable companies to submit proposals.

Supervisor Robert Accardo said he doubted it would do much good.

“Companies do not absorb costs, they pass them on to their customers,” Accardo said. “If we charge the cable company more, they’re just going to raise their rates.”

Supervisors asked Dowdy to look into what measures the board can take.

“Cable is going up,” Bowsky said. “How can we stop them from increasing rates if we don’t start saying something?”

In other business, supervisors:

• Accepted First Bank as the county’s primary depository at 1.7 percent interest over two years, and Trustmark National Bank as alternate at 1.56 percent.

• Approved final payment of $47,919 to Dickerson & Bowen for Gateway Road improvements.

• Agreed to advertise for bids for work on Old Highway 24.

• Noted the hiring of Lisa Hutchinson in the tax assessor’s office.

• Agreed to buy a quarter-page ad in the Enterprise-Journal Perspective edition for $370.

• Approved a request from the McComb School District to donate a load of sand and a load of clay dirt to the McComb High School softball field behind Otken Elementary School.

• Noted a reduction in mileage reimbursement from 58 cents to 57.5 cents per mile.

• Met with Allen Laird of Southwest Mississippi Planning and Development District, who offered his agency’s help in applying for grants.

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