While Pike County is no longer included in a list of Mississippi counties with the highest number of coronavirus infections, state health officials are still reporting higher-than-average infection rates across the state.

Pike County had for two weeks straight been included among counties with the highest disease burden in the state.

Health officials identified 19 infections in Pike County over the weekend, bringing the total to 347 identified since March 11, and 11 deaths.

Statewide, officials identified 675 new infections Monday morning, one of the highest daily tallies reported since the outbreak began. Last week saw three record-breaking days, including a one-day total north of 1,000.

There were also 20 new deaths reported Monday.

Health officials said 513 are hospitalized with complications of coronavirus, as are another 206 suspected of having the disease but haven’t had test results returned.

New health department information about coronavirus outbreaks in long-term care facilities indicates that Pike County now has just one with active infections. McComb Nursing and Rehabilitation had seven infections among staff members and 13 among residents as of June 26. Camellia Estates, which was previously included among long-term care facilities with active coronavirus infections, is now reported to be virus-free.

Neighboring Lincoln County, where officials have identified 430 infections and 33 deaths, is dealing with two long-term care facility outbreaks.

Seven staff members and 12 residents of Boswell Regional Center in Brookhaven have fallen ill and 11 staff members and an additional 10 residents of Lincoln Residential Center have also tested positive.

There are no active infections among residents of long-term care facilities in Amite County. Health officials have identified 80 infections and two deaths there.

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