Residents make the most of snow days

John and Lily Speed play with their dog Tucker in the snow on Monday in Chatawa.

All kids love them, many parents dread them, and now they’re here — snow days!

Southwest Mississippi got one of  its periodic, though rare,  episodes of winter precipitation in time to blunt Monday commutes to work or school, and continuing cold and clouds stretched the break through Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday as well.

Sara Williams not only got to stay home with her sons Hayden and Henry Monday and Tuesday, she hosted  some of her kids’ friends and some baseball players from Southwest Mississippi Community College.

“Three of (the players) lived too far away to go home,” Williams said.

Hayden and Henry, their friends Gracie Senner and Grace Payton and the SMCC athletes enjoyed roaming through the snow before going back into a warm house for a rousing game of Uno.

Elsewhere in McComb, Melissa Stutzman took pictures of a pristine white yard and street of ice and snow, unsullied by foot or car traffic.

Out her Vermont Avenue back door, an uncovered pool with a blue liner and clear water contrasted starkly with the snow around the pool deck.

“Stuck inside with my husband,” Stutzman told the Enterprise-Journal about her snow days. “The good news is,  we have water and lights and my husband is still alive. We haven’t killed each other!”

She said having made it through last year’s pandemic lockdowns was a good sign for the past couple of days.

In Chatawa, Stutzman’s grandchildren, John and Lily Speed bundled up in camouflage jackets and heavy boots to play in the snow with their basset hound puppy, Tucker.

Their mom, Brooke Speed, an eighth-grade teacher at Jewell Sumner High School near Tangipahoa, La., photographed the fun.

“We are stuck at home with nothing else to do but take pictures outside with all this ice while my husband, a Mississippi Highway Patrolman works 12-hour day shifts keeping the roads safe,” Brooke said.

At Lake Dixie Springs, Amy Gazzo said son Jacob enjoyed sledding downhill from their house on a cardboard box and romping in the snow with his dog Buster.

And in McComb, Kalya Gray got to watch her 2-year-old daughter London Mariah experience snow for the very first time.

But only for a little while.

“I like the that it snowed, but I’m not a big fan of the cold,” Gray said. “My daughter had so much fun in the snow. But unfortunately, we still have to go to work in this weather. I just pray I make it there safe.”

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