Drivers were startled Saturday morning after a collison between an SUV and a law enforcement cruiser sent two to the hospital with minor injuries and damaged a local business.

A police officer was driving eastbound along Delaware Avenue Saturday morning when he received a report of a burglary in process. Flashing lights and blaring sirens, the officer tore eastbound at about 8 a.m., McComb Police said.

The cruiser passed through the intersection at Delaware Avenue and West Avenue North and collided with a northbound red Kia SUV, sending the larger vehicle flying into Dazzlin’ Dancewear, a storefront located at 1230 Delaware Avenue.

Glass from the storefront display lay shattered on the pavement Saturday morning as wrecking crews worked to remove the SUV stuck inside the building.

One McComb police officer and the driver of the SUV were both transported to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, where they received treatment for minor injuries, officer Wally Jones said. The officer involved in the crash was released from the hospital after receiving medical treatment shortly after 9 a.m.

Jones refused to identify the officer involved in the wreck.

Jones said that the collision was an accident most-likely caused by a lack of attention paid by the driver of the SUV.

“It wasn’t alcohol,” Jones said. “They just weren’t paying enough attention.”

McComb Police Chief Damian Gatlin said that motorists need to pay special attention when emergency vehicles flash their lights and sirens in order to keep everybody safe out on the roads and to allow first responders to reach the scene of emergencies quickly.

“People have got to stop when they see those lights and hear those sirens,” Chief Gatlin said.

A large hill just west of that intersection could cause a driver’s view to be obstructed. With a police cruiser cresting that hill at high speed it is conceiveable that a driver headed northbound on West Avenue North may not have enough time to react.

The SUV knocked over multiple pink bollards meant to protect the building from precisely that sort of accident. The large display window on the south side of the shop was shattered with the SUV lodged halfway into the building.

Dazzlin’ Dancewear proprietor Stephanie Carr-McGhee said that she was lucky not to have been present in the shop when the accident took place, but that now there is a lot of work to be done.

She said that once all is said and done she will be left with a broken shop.

“Once this is all over and everybody leaves we still have to deal with it,” she said.

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