Franklin County attorney Morgan Halford Poore is leading the fundraising race in the four-way contest for the Republican nomination in Senate District 37, according to campaign finance reports.

Monday was the deadline for candidates to report how much they took in and what they spent over the past month.

According to her campaign finance reports, Poore raised $6,175 and spent $701, leaving her with $22,930.

Poore bankrolled much of her campaign with a $20,000 personal loan and received $3,750 from individuals over the past month. Her other contributions weren’t itemized.

Her itemized expenses were for political advertising and office supplies.

Melanie Sojourner of Natchez held the office from 2012-2016 before losing the seat back to longtime Sen. Bob  Dearing, who is retiring. She is running second in fundraising with $13,254 available. She raised $1,225 and spent $801 over the past month.

Milt Burris of Smithdale reported $5,137 in available cash, having raised or spent nothing in the past month.

Kevin Wells of Summit had $2,265 in cash on hand after raising $1,923 in non-itemized contributions and spending nothing.

Democrat William Godfrey of Natchez reported raising $2,125, spending $39 and having $6,486 available.

In Senate District 38, Democratic incumbent Tammy Witherspoon filed no campaign finance report by Monday’s deadline. She had reported raising and spending $3,000 in May.

Her challenger, former Sen. Kelvin Butler, raised $4,180 and spent $2,928 on political advertising, leaving him with $5,544. Most of his contributions come from individuals, plus one $1,000 corporate contribution from New Orleans management firm Hammerman & Gainer.

In the House District 53 race, incumbent Rep. Vince Mangled, a Republican from Brookhaven, raised $7,400 over the past month and spent $650, leaving him with $20,688 in remaining contributions.

Mangold’s donors included political action committee donations from the Mississippi Road Builders Association, the Lenders Political Action Committee, the Mississippi Association of Realtors and Mississippi Physicians PAC, as well as a contribution from Tower Loan of Liberty.

Mangold is confidently hanging onto his money, with no political advertising expenses reported over the past month. His lone itemized disbursement for the reporting period was a $250 donation to the Lincoln County Republican Party.

His challenger, Democrat Rita Wilkinson Goss of Bogue Chitto, raised no money over the reporting period, spent $329 and has a negative balance by that much.

In House District 96, incumbent Rep. Angela Cockerham, an attorney and independent candidate from Magnolia, had $54,791 on hand at the beginning of the year and has raised $27,382 since then. She reported $3,500 in fundraising over the past month. cockerham spent $1,700 on political advertising and another $500 to Sherri Davis-Garner of Madison, whose Twitter profile describes her as a “certified leadership coach.”

Cockerham’s challenger, Natchez attorney Aisha Sanders, a Democrat, reported raising $900 and spending $888.62, leaving her with just $11.38. Most of her expenses were to Office Depot and A2Z Printing, as well as $400 to journalist and University of Southern Mississippi faculty member Alice Tisdale.

In House District 97, Republican incumbent Rep. Sam Mims reported $298,959 in available cash after spending $1,989.

His Friends of Sam Mims fundraising arm reported $35,375 in available cash after raising $7,500 and spending $14,908. New contributions included donations from two pharmacy-related PACs,

That fundraising effort spent $3,000 on a public relations firm, Wells & Co. of Jackson, gave $500 to Republican Rep. Joey Hood of Ackerman and spent $1,925 at A2Z Printing and $69 at Holmes Stationers in the reporting period.

Mims’ challenger, Benton Thompson of Summit reported no new fundraising, a $250 non-itemized expense and a cash balance of $2,000.

In House District 98, Tasha Dillon reported $880 in new contributions from three individuals and disbursements of $349 and $238 for signage, leaving her with $178.

The other candidate in the race that will be decided in the Democratic primary, Daryl Porter Jr., raised $2,910 and spent $988, leaving him with $2,224. His contributions included $250 each from Southwest Distributors and Golden Star Restaurants, the operator of McComb’s Golden Corral, as well as $500 from the Election Power Association of Mississippi State.

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