A 3-year-old now in the custody of child protective services after a video of him smoking marijuana went viral had been allowed to smoke the drug multiple times in the past, authorities allege.

Drug agents and sheriff’s deputies received numerous tips and screen shots of the Snapchat video that was posted with the caption, “Startin em young.”

Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesperson Chris Vignes said agents with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics went to look for Kalie Green,  24, 117 N. James St., who allegedly posted it.

Snapchat videos aren’t as permanent as footage posted to other platforms. Once someone sends a video and a recipient views it, it is deleted from Snapchat servers. However, the videos and images can be preserved with a  screenshot, which is what happened in this incident.

A screenshot of the post, a GPS marker of where the activity was taking place and an exchange of messages from Green about the video were sent to the Enterprise-Journal.

“Ummm that’s not OK,” someone writes to Green.  

“Why did you screenshot it?” Green writes back.

“That’s (messed) up,” the person responds.

“I know but what do you plan to do with the screenshot?” Green writes.

“Ummmm cops will be called in the morning!!! I got the location,” the person responds.

“Ummm you’re kidding right????????” Green replies.

“No!!!!!” was the response.

Vignes said agents found Green and Anna Waldron, 26, at a house in Pike County and took them and the 3-year-old boy into custody.

Child protective services investigated the matter and took custody of the child, Vignes said.

Green and Waldron both face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which is a misdemeanor. Waldron also is charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

After being taken to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Green and Waldron told lawmen that the toddler had smoked marijuana multiple times, Vignes said. They also said William Albright, 46, offered the toddler marijuana while they were at his house at 1022 Pearl River Ave., which jail records also list as Waldron’s address, Vignes said.

Authorities obtained a search warrant and went to the house, but Albright wasn’t home. Vignes said the search turned up 50 doses of a controlled substance that lawmen did not identify. They also found marijuana paraphernalia.

As agents searched the house, Albright and his live-in girlfriend, Samantha Dykes, 51, arrived. Vignes said Albright told lawmen that he allowed the toddler to smoke the drug.

Neither Albright, Green nor Waldron had bond set as of Wednesday morning.

Dykes was charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance but not booked into jail for medical reasons, sheriff’s officials said. 

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