Roketha Coleman probably shouldn’t be alive, and if the two men who she says shot her five times had gotten their way, she wouldn’t be.

One put four rounds in her, handed the gun to his accomplice and told him to finish the job, she said.

He fired another shot, but it wasn’t enough to kill her.

“I ain’t dead,” Coleman declared from her hospital room at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Coleman survived the attack while she was sitting in her car on a Burglund street early Thursday, Oct. 25.

Police are looking for the two men Coleman identified as her would-be killers, Michael Alexander, 35, of 1112 Warren St. Apt C-7-2, McComb, and Jonathan Mars, 28, of 1830 Captain Gloster Drive, Gloster.

Both are wanted for attempted murder.

“These people are walking the streets,” Coleman said.

She said she was sitting in her car around 1:30 a.m. in the 1100 block of Dyson Drive when the two men approached and opened fire, hitting her in both arms, the right hand and her back.

Speaking to the Enterprise-Journal Wednesday by telephone, Coleman said she believes the two men were trying to rob her, although they took no money.

Coleman said the two had confronted her hours earlier. She said she was riding in a truck with her husband, a friend and her 10-year-old son around 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 24, when the men started following closely behind her and flashing their headlights.

She said she went to the police department with the men still following her. Coleman said she saw the men throw a gun into a ditch on the south side of 24th Street before turning on to Witterman Street and pulling into the police station parking lot, where a confrontation ensued.

Her son said he went inside to tell officers about the situation. Coleman said officers questioned the men but let them go.

Later that night, she was sitting inside a Nissan Altima she had recently purchased when the men pulled up and opened fire. She said she believes the fact that she was driving a new car tipped them off that she had come into some money.

“When I pulled up they went pop, pop, pop, pop,” she said. “I said, ‘I’ve been hit.’ ”

She said the man who shot her the first four times handed the gun to the other and told him to shoot her again “to make sure I was dead.”

She recalled hearing one of the men tell the other, “‘You’re going to shoot her, too. He said, ‘No, she’s dead.’ He said, ‘No, you ain’t going to put everything on me. You’re going to shoot her.’

“When they shot me the fifth time, I just laid there and they ran off.”

Coleman said she drove herself to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, where she blacked out behind the wheel and was rushed inside.

“They said my car kept rolling,” she said. “They got my foot off the gas and it was rolling and it kept going.”

Coleman said she has known Alexander since childhood, but was relatively unfamiliar with Mars.

Coleman said she has spoken with Mayor Quordiniah Lockley since the shooting.

“The mayor called me yesterday. He’s acting like they’re going to do something, they’re going to pick them up,” she said.

Anyone with information on Alexander and Mars’ whereabouts is asked to call McComb police at (601) 684-3213 or Crime Stoppers at (601) 684-0033.

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