Major White of McComb was looking at buy, sell and trade listings when he noticed someone was trying to sell a used casket.


Naturally, he did what anyone would do after seeing something so absurd — he put it on Facebook.

“Anybody need a casket? 1 owner slightly used been down once for 3 yrs just pulled back up because we decide to go a different route," read his post on the McComb Pike Co. Area Buy, Sale and Trade Facebook page.

The joke has reached more than 100,000 shares and has been viewed as far away as Venezuela.

White, 26, who is known on Facebook as “Kyng Major,” said he made the post on Nov. 20 and saw it had generated 26 shares by the time he went to bed that night. When he woke up the next morning, it had received 10,000 shares and he began receiving calls from news outlets.

“They all started calling me,” he said.

White said that while his post was in jest, he still can’t believe the original advertisement that started it all.

“I was, ‘Dang, someone is really trying to sell a casket?’ ” he said. “So, I took (the picture) and put my own spin on it.”

The “used casket” may be White’s banner moment on social media.

“Every day I post something, a little joke,” he said. “It doesn’t get too far. Sometimes it gets 100 shares, sometimes 80. It’s a little up there. But I guess the right person shared it and it took flight.”

White said he ran with the joke for a while but began receiving messages from people who may have taken it to heart.

After all, he was only asking $200.

“People were saying they really need it. They wouldn’t mind getting a used one instead of buying a new one,” White said. “I would tell them, ‘I don’t have it.’ They would get mad. They were getting fired up at me.”

White said he found out his story was making the news when family members and friends began contacting him.

“People started calling me, ‘You’re on the news. You’re in the newspaper.’ It was everywhere,” he said.

He said he finally began responding to reporters attempting to get a story.

“I told them that it was a joke. They said that makes it even funnier,” he said. “They said people actually believed that I was selling a used casket. They said it was the Facebook joke of the year. I was like ‘Oh, OK.’ ”

White said he had reporters contacting him from Utah and even Venezuela.

“How did it even get all the way there?” he said.

White said someone who didn’t like the post reported him to Facebook, which barred him for 24 hours.

The experience has given him new insight about the power of the Internet.

“It’s very powerful. It’s crazy. It traveled that fast. I posted it way last week. People are still messaging me to this day. It’s still getting shares,” he said.

He said it’s all shocking to him that people believe he was actually selling a casket.

“People are still texting and I keep telling them I don’t have it. Some just said they wanted to get a reply back,” White said. “Some comedian said he wanted to use it in his stand-up comedy show, I said, ‘OK.’ It was shocking.”

He said he’s gained a little bit of internet success from the joke.

“I gained 3,000 friend requests. More of my posts started getting more likes. I guess a good thing came of it,” he said.

He said he’s received a lot of questions about the post, especially about the “different route” he supposedly wanted to take.

“Some people, I tell them they wanted to change (the casket) to cremate them. Some ask, ‘Why after three years would you wait until you cremated someone?” he said, laughing.

White, who works as a galley hand in the offshore oil industry, said when he returned to work, a lot of co-workers were talking about the picture.

“Soon as I got back to work, they started telling me about it. They said they talking about it on the bar. They just ran away with it,” he said.

White said he’s still going to make jokes on Facebook.

“I keep coming up with different stuff. I come up with stuff daily. Maybe something will strike for me in the long run,” he said.

But for now, it doesn’t seem like the casket joke is dying any time soon.

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