TYLERTOWN — The Walthall County Jail needs repairs for damage caused by an inmate — again.

Sheriff Kyle Breland told county supervisors last week that a parole violator picked up in Hattiesburg and returned to Walthall County kicked against the shower floor until he dislodged a chunk of concrete that he used to break the window in his cell door.

Breland presented an $880 estimate to repair the door, which supervisors approved.

Breland has previously presented repair or replacement estimates for other inmate-caused damage, including televisions.

Breland also won approval for replacement of a computer used to access the National Crime Information Center. That $892 cost will be covered by E-911 funds.

Emergency Management Director Royce McKee told board members the county has to pay in advance for a trench to be dug for the gas line that will power the facility’s generator at the former National Guard armory.

The $375 goes to a contractor of Southeastern Utilities. The purchase and installation of the generator was previously approved.

In other business, the board:

• Reviewed property insurance coverage with agent Les Lampton.

• Approved credits on garbage accounts.

• Approved tax refunds due to incorrect filings.

• Ratified the hiring of Reginald Thompson in District 2.

• Added Natural Resources Conservation Service secretary Kim Grubbs to the county’s health insurance.

• Approved the purchase of uniforms and emergency lights for Constable Roy Jene Huhn.

• Increased the pay of an employee who dropped the county’s insurance coverage.

• Readopted the list of voting precincts rented or leased by the county..

• Learned that two garbage trucks put up for auction online had brought more than $24,000.

• Donated $250 to the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers to advertise county resources at MHV’s annual convention.

• Approved an interlocal agreement with Warren County to house juveniles there if needed.

• Reimbursed Pam Nelson about $2,000 in costs incurred to attend a drug court conference.

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