A Pike County mother who feared her daughter had the coronavirus said an eight-day delay in getting test results was frustrating.

The family boarded a cruise ship on Sunday, March 8 in New Orleans for a weeklong trip. The staff took guests’ temperature before they boarded, and the mother said everyone in her family was normal. But her 9-year-old daughter developed a fever the next day, one that has not gone away since.

“None of the rest of us have fever,” the mother said Tuesday. “We got home on Sunday, March 15, and went to the children’s clinic in Tylertown the next day. She had a 104-degree fever. They tested her for strep and flu, and she was negative on both. When they heard she had been out of the country, they tested for corona.”

She said the test was not a deep nasal swab.

“They told her to blow her nose, and kind of swabbed the mucus,” she said. “They said they would have the results in a couple of days, but there has been nothing further.

“I’ve checked with them regularly, but they say this isn’t up to them. The state is the only one that can give the results, and they’re only giving so many each day.”

She said she wondered if coronavirus tests in Mississippi taken last week had been analyzed, but a report came back Tuesday afternoon that her daughter did not have the virus. That afternoon doctors confirmed she had pneumonia.

The mother said her daughter finished two weeks of antibiotics on Tuesday. She also received steroids and breathing treatments four times a day for a deep chest cough “that makes her choke and want to throw up.”

“I haven’t seen a kid for two weeks with unexplained fever,” she added. “The fever was worse at night. It wasn’t so bad during the day. Lately it’s not gotten over 100.4.”

After starting another round of antibiotics, the child had no fever Wednesday morning for the first time in two weeks.

Her younger child has received the same treatments. She said he’s had a cough but no fever.

She does not think her daughter caught something on the ship. Her husband was not feeling well just before they departed, with “two days of aches and pains.”

Since her daughter stayed in the family’s cabin once she got sick, the mother believes it’s more likely she got whatever her father had.

Before getting the test results, the mother said she thought her daughter had the coronavirus.

“I also feel it’s not as big a deal as everyone says,” she added. “I have not at any point been fearful for her life. This is not debilitating. It’s inconvenient.”

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