A home sale led to the revelation that two Summit homes sit atop undeveloped town property, leading residents to ask town officials to abandon the land and split it among them.

Stuart Hemphill, a Realtor with Southern States Realty representing residents Chris and Amy Weaver in the sale of their property, said he made the discovery during the process of putting their home on the market.

“We found out that part of their house is actually on a platted but undeveloped street in town,” Hemphill said, adding that the Weavers’ neighbors, Tonya and Tony Robinson, also are impacted by the situation.

Chris Weaver said he and his neighbors have maintained the strip of land located between 1307 and 1401 Robb St., which is used as a driveway.

Town Zoning Administrator Wayne Parker recommended the town survey the property and abandon it.

“You’re allowed under the law if it’s an unbuilt street and you have no plans to build a street then you are allowed to abandon that property,” board attorney Wayne Dowdy said, adding that the increased lot size will likely lead to higher tax bills.

The town council is expected to vote on the matter next week.

In other business, the council:

• Heard an update on police policies from Police Chief Kenny Cotton. “Our policy pretty much mirrors with the International Association of Chiefs of Police policy on the use of force,” Cotton said. He said the department would like to employee more use of body cams, but noted the added costs associated with them. Cotton said the department also wants to join a database to share information with other departments about officers who have been fired for misconduct.

• Heard from Fire Chief Stan McMorris, who said the department plans to apply for a Homeland Security grant to cover the purchase of a $40,000 to $50,000 breathing cascade system to fill air bottles.

• Heard from Anthony Thompson of 509 Walnut St., who disputed his $199.95 water bill. “That’s the only bill I had that was $200 over 30 years. It went back down to normal and I haven’t done anything,” Thompson said. Town Clerk Deborah Price said no leaks or meter malfunctions were detected. “All I know to tell Mr. Thompson is that the water went through his meter,” Price said.

• Discussed a request from public works employees who are asking for a paid holiday since some were on call for Friday, July 3, which was a state holiday. Mayor Percy Robinson noted that the employees are usually off on Fridays, unlike town hall employees, who received a paid holiday. Robinson said he called the Labor Board, who said it was up the mayor’s discretion whether to grant a paid holiday. “We actually didn’t have a day off,” Public Works foreman Jesse Simmons said, adding that he and a crew worked six hours on the 3rd to remove a fallen tree.

• Recognized public works foreman Jesse Simmons for his work in helping clean up Greenlawn Cemetery. Councilwoman Pauline Monley, who’s spearheading the cleanup, said she also wants to place signs noting the cemetery is closed from dusk till dawn and to ban the placement of plastic flowers on graves.  

• Discussed a plan to transfer a public works employee to administration to work as a custodian and to hire Antonio Campbell in public works.

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