LIBERTY — You might say Randy Caston did Liberty proud.

The 60-year-old knife-maker took first place in a four-man competition on the History Channel TV show “Forged in Fire” Wednesday night.

The segment was filmed last winter, but Caston’s participation was announced only last week.

The identity of the winner was not revealed until the show was broadcast.

For the first phase of the competition, the four men had to use pieces of meteorite to make a “fantasy knife” of their own design within certain parameters.

With the clock ticking and judges watching, they worked frantically with in-studio forges. But one of the men made his blade too long and was disqualified.

Next, the three remaining bladesmiths had to make a handle for their blades. Another man was removed when his handle broke during a test.

That left Caston facing an 18-year-old with four years experience. The two were given specs for a “Sword of Mars” believed to have been used by Attila the Hun, then sent home and given four days to make it.

Back on the show, the swords were put to the test, and the Caston’s opponent’s blade snapped, leaving Caston the winner. He got to keep his sword and a prize of $10,000.

Caston, who lives outside Liberty, applied last year to be on the show and underwent a rigorous interview process before being accepted. A longtime farrier (horse shoer), Caston credits “Forged in Fire” with sparking his interest in making knives 21/2 years ago.

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