TYLERTOWN — Incumbent Walthall County Circuit Clerk Vernon Alford won the Democratic primary Tuesday night and re-election to the office.

Alford garnered 2,754 votes (73 percent) while his challenger, longtime Coroner Shannon Hartzog, had 1,035 (27 percent).

“It was a slightly lower voter turnout than anticipated.” Alford said. “The absentee vote totals were less than half than those of the last election. This primary was low-key, quiet and not much campaigning.”

Alford was the only contested candidate who won a countywide office on Tuesday.

“The circuit clerk position is a very rewarding job, and I love what I do.” Alford said. “Also, the five election commissioners do a tremendous job with the election process in Walthall County.”

Shannon Fortinberry and Cindy Crain Ginn, both running for chancery clerk in the Democratic party, are headed towards a runoff following a very close race. Ginn received 1,218 votes (31 percent) and Fortinberry had 1,203 (31 percent). They beat out Janine Forbes, who had 869 votes and Ruthie L. Lewis-Long, who had 587.

There are no other candidates running and the winner of the Aug. 27 runoff will replace incumbent Bob Bracey, who is not seeking re-election.

In supervisor races, Douglas Popwell earned 425 votes (50.42 percent) to Bruce Stogner’s 284 (34 percent) and Danny Stogner’s 133 in the District 3 contest and will replace Shelton Stogner, who did not seek re-election.

The four other supervisor seats remained undecided.

In the District 2 supervisor’s race, first-term incumbent Fred Magee will face a runoff challenge from Ken Craft, whom Magee unseated four years ago. Magee led with 340 votes (49 percent), while Craft had 263 (38 votes). Tommy Myers had 75 votes and Wayne Ponthieux had 20.

The District 4 supervisor’s race is also headed to a runoff between incumbent Bruce M. Boyd and Jason Mallette. Boyd received 302 votes (37 percent) to Mallette’s 209 (26 percent). Milton Dunaway finished third with 181 votes, Nelson McKenzie had 62 and Robert “Terry” Reid had 55.

In the Republican primary Robert Bond led with 129 votes (54 votes) and Michael Street had 99 (42 percent).

In District 1, incumbent Larry Montgomery earned 500 votes (62 percent), making him the nominee, to challenger Tim Leggett’s 309 (38 percent) in the Democratic primary. Montgomery will face Republican James F. Delancey.

Incumbent Clennel Brown avoided a runoff against two Democratic primary challengers, winning 394 votes (53 percent) to Billy Bridges’ 253 (34 percent) and Donnie Smith’s 94.

In the coroner’s race, Chris Blackwell ran unopposed and will replace Hartzog.

Incumbent first-term Sheriff Kyle Breland was unopposed in the Democratic primary and will face Republican John P. Smith in the November general election.

The Constable 2nd Justice Court Judge District goes into a runoff with incumbent Roy Jene Huhn taking 632 votes (34 percent) and Joe Michael Williams getting 554 (29 percent). Josh McCallum had 496 votes and Jacob Tyler Harvey had 201.

Unopposed officials included Tax Collector/Assessor Peggy Dillon Hilburn, justice court judges Carl Montgomery Jr. and Ryan Bruhl, and Constable Raymond Gutter.

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