Pike County supervisors discussed residents’ complaints about a weed problem in the Donna Heights area Monday but came to no conclusion.

District 2 Supervisor Faye Hodges said residents in the south McComb neighborhood have complained about weeds on a piece of county-owned property.

The county acquired the property years ago in order to get a federal flood control grant. McComb annexed the area later and now mows and sprays the lot twice a year.

But residents want it cut more often, Hodges said, suggesting the county and city alternate mowing it for a total of four times a year.

Board attorney Wayne Dowdy said the county agreed to maintain the property when it got the grant.

“The county is on the hook to be responsible for the maintenance of that drainage project,” he said.

Board president Chuck Lambert said county workers only cut county roadsides twice a year.

Hodges said the Donna Heights property needs more attention.

“It needs to be cut more often than twice a year because it is grown up and it’s a residential area,” she said.

She offered a motion to draw up an interlocal agreement with the city of McComb to alternate mowing the property four times a year, but the motion died for lack of a second.

However, Supervisor Gary Honea suggested asking county road manager Mike Duncan to cut the property more often.

District 1 Supervisor Tazwell Bowsky said he has a similar situation on Higgins Drive and the board hasn’t approved his requests for help.

“We refuse to do things for the city. Something is bad wrong with our rationale,” Bowsky said.

Bowsky produced a copy of a 2014 park bond issue resolution to establish Gateway Industrial Park which said the funds could also be used for other purpose including streets and roads. Bowsky said some of that money should have been used for street repairs elsewhere in the county.

In other business, supervisors:

• Agreed to apply for the Mississippi Home Corporation’s Homeowner Rehabilitation/Reconstruction Program grant, which will help qualified low-income homeowners renovate or rebuild their homes. A public hearing will be held 10 a.m. July 31 in the supervisors board room.

• Heard a request for assistance from Janice Jefferson of Walking in the Light, who wants to establish a shelter for domestic violence victims in the county. She currently puts victims into a motel — three or four families in the past month — for lack of a shelter. Supervisor Gary Honea asked the board to consider her request in discussions on the upcoming annual budget.

• Declared the 2019 real and personal property tax assessment rolls equalized and open for public inspection. Hearings will begin 10 a.m. Aug. 5  for people who protest their valuations.

 • Heard a request from Pike County Department of Human Services director Christopher Ross to fund an additional part-time temporary clerk.

• Approved an agreement with C Spire to provide telecommunications connections to the new sheriff investigator offices in the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks building for $410 a month.

• Designated Sara Martin as the person in charge of the sheriff department’s Click It or Ticket grant.

• Agreed to apply for the annual waste tire grant.

• Approved out of state travel for Sheriff Kenny Cotton to a six-day conference at New Orleans in August and E-911 coordinator Rickey Ivey to a four-day conference at Orange Beach, Ala., in October.

• Authorized Magnolia Rural Water Association to construct water mains along or across Dunaway Road, Gibson Road, Ruby Lane, Diamond Lane, White Horse Lane, Tanglewood Road, Fernwood Road, Pleasant Grove Road, Oliver Lane, Quin Lane, Louis Taylor Road, Josephine Drive, Joel Lang Road, Ramsey Lane, Magnolia-Holmesville Road, Jeremiah Lane, Centerville Road, Alberta Drive, Andrew Court Road, Frank Carver Road, Skipper Lane, Ginger Lane and Sharp Lane.

• Approved Neel-Schaffer invoices for May totaling $57,575, plus a $939 payment for work on the Holmesville Bridge Drainage Project. Board president Lambert suggested the board quit listing Neel-Schaffer’s monthly bills on the board meeting agenda and simply add them to the claims docket like other invoices, but Supervisor Tazwell Bowsky, District 3 supervisor candidate Robert Accardo and McKenzie Road resident Jack Martin questioned the wisdom of that, so supervisors said they’ll let the incoming board make that decision after it takes office next year.

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