Police investigating the death of a man who was found shot in to death, his body found sitting in a chair beneath the downtown McComb railroad bridge on Thursday morning.  

Police Chief Damian Gatlin said railroad workers found the body of Justin Burton, no age or address available, and notified lawmen, who arrived at the scene around 9:30 a.m.

Burton had apparently been shot once in the head.

There were no initial reports of a weapon being found near the body.

Police said Burton appeared to be in his mid-20s.

Burton was found sitting in one of several decorative Adirondack chairs placed beneath the downtown railroad bridge.

Police reportedly removed the chair he was found sitting in from the scene. It was unclear if he was shot while sitting in the chair or if someone placed his body there.

Gatlin said police had little information to try to determine the circumstances surrounding Burton’s death.

Police were checking security footage from nearby businesses to see if the victim arrived at the scene alone or with someone else.

“He could have been with someone, but we don’t know yet,” Gatlin said.

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