TYLERTOWN — Walthall County supervisors learned the assessed value of property in the county declined about $150,000 in the past year.

Tax Assessor Peggy Hilburn told the board Monday that the value of personal property, including cars and mobile homes, increased by about $8,000 from the previous year, to almost $26.1 million, with cars valued at more than $19.9 million, mobile homes at more than $1,.5 million, furniture and fixtures at $2.1 million, business inventories at almost $1.4 million, machinery at $706,000 and leased equipment at $414,000.

Real property, however, declined from $59.36 million to $59.2 million, about a $158,000 decrease.

Hilburn attributed the drop in real property values to tornado damage sustained in several April storms, and said values would likely rebound as properties are repaired and rebuilt.

In other business, the board:

• Approved a new agreement with Brigade Manufacturing that removes the town of Tylertown from the lease agreement.

Tylertown agreed to back out of the agreement and relinquish its role in leasing the county-owned building in the industrial park to the company, in exchange for receiving all of the back rent due the town, more than $60,000.

Board attorney Conrad Mord said the company had also paid its back rent to the county. For future lease payments, “I”m going to mark on my calendar when that”s due and stay on top of that,” Mord said.

• Bought a garbage truck from Sansom Equipment of Birmingham, Ala.

• Signed an agreement with Mord Law Firm to serve as the board”s legal counsel. Firm partner Kayla Stewart resigned, leading Mord to present an agreement with his firm as now organized.

• Noted the resignation of Truett Simmons as the county”s 911 address numbering agent and hired Cindy Simmons to replace him.

• Decided to negotiate the sale of a building intended to be a jail pod and used for storage.

• Noted the receipt of $63,000 in Emergency Road and Bridge Repair funds for the bridge project on Sauls Road.

• Agreed to a program allowing text message communication and video visitation for prisoners at the Walthall County Jail.

• Agreed to purchase safety and cleanup supplies for youth court participants, masks for county coroners, and hand sanitizer stations and refills for the courthouse.

• Declined membership in the National Association of Counties.

• Heard from Chancery Clerk Shannon Fortenberry that she had received notice from state officials that the state flags removed from public properties are supposed to be kept in a case in the courthouse, city hall or other public building where they were flown.

However, Fortenberry said there hadn”t been a state flag on the pole in front of the courthouse for a while, and no one knew where it was.

Former supervisor “Fred Magee used to talk about taking the flag down. Maybe that”s where it went,” Mord joked.

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