The cost of building or renovating a home or business in McComb is likely headed up.

Henry Green, head of the city’s planning, inspection and zoning department, presented a proposal to boost the fees on most of the permits issued by the department for building, improving, moving or demolishing a structure.

Green said permit fees taken in by his department in June were about $1,600, and if the proposed new permit fees had been in place, the intake would have roughly doubled to around $3,200.

Board members present seemed amenable to the changes generally, but Selectman Donovan Hill asked if Green would consider lessening or eliminating the increases on residential permits.

“It’s already expensive to build a house, and here we’re trying to make it more expensive,” Hill said.

Green said he would revise the fee schedule.

Police Chief Damian Gatlin also raised the possibility of boosting fees for certain services.

He said the police department has not been charging for running background checks for people who bring their own fingerprint cards for the process.

Information from a number of other area law enforcement agencies showed fees of mostly $15 or more, though the Summit Police Department reported a $13 charge.

Gatlin suggested a $15 charge, but Hill said making it $12 might keep people coming to McComb and boosting revenue for the MPD and keep them from switching to Summit.

“Anything is more than zero,” Gatlin said, indicating he had no problem with the $12 suggestion.

Gatlin said he might also bring a proposal soon to raise adoption fees at the McComb Animal Shelter, which is also under his purview.

While discussing the animal shelter, Gatlin introduced the new animal control officer, Courtney Holder, who gained experience working with PALS before joining the McComb shelter. “I’ve been here about a month and a half, and things are going well,” Holder said.

She said she had some ideas to improve the shelter and is working on a report on numbers of adoptions, fees collected and other information to present to the board.

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