Osyka’s town board is searching for options to repair streets, with a newly sworn-in alderman who now oversees the streets report suggesting to see if the county can help resurface main strip in town.

Alderman Jimmy Ray Phelps, who works for the county, took over street duties from Alderman Tommy Kizer after taking office in early December.

Phelps said he was speaking with someone who told him that because Liberty Street connects to Highway 584, intersects with Highway 51 and eventually runs into Highway 98 and Interstate 55, the street should qualify for county maintenance as a “federal route.”

Phelps said he was told to get in contact with a Neel-Schaffer engineer working for the town, and board attorney Wayne Dowdy, who also represents the Pike County Board of Supervisors, said he’d like to speak to the engineer as well, adding that he had never heard of a federal route.

“You talk with him and say, ‘Mr. Dowdy wants to talk to you and see what type of assistance may be available for that road,’ ” Dowdy said. “All I know is that as a general rule, you are talking about State Aid roads and not federal.”

Phelps said even if the city couldn’t have the road fixed by the county, they could buy asphalt from the county and fix the roads themselves. Dowdy noted that the town has made agreements in the past to buy asphalt from the county, so it would not be an issue if that is the direction the board wanted to go in.

The board acknowledged the fact that the streets in town need repairs in general, and Mayor Allen Applewhite said the issue with that is the town has been unable to get grants to help with the repairs. He noted that the first thing the town does at the beginning of the year is to apply for grants for overlay projects.

In other news, the board approved the privilege licenses for Ruby’s Attic and Stewart Logging.

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