Four Pike County jail guards have been sent home after testing positive for coronavirus, but no inmates have tested positive, Sheriff James Brumfield said.

One of the guards is due back at work today after making a recovery, the sheriff said, adding that all the employees are in good condition and none were hospitalized.

“We still have all of our protocols in place,” Brumfield said.

Anyone with business at the sheriff’s office is required to wear a mask in the facility. Sheriff’s office staff will check temperatures.

Anybody who enters the jail, including lawmen, contractors and sheriff’s employees, must wear a mask and have their temperature taken as well. Jail employees must wear a mask and gloves, Brumfield said, adding that the jail is sanitized daily.

Inmates booked into the jail are put under mandatory quarantine for 11 days, then screened for symptoms before being transfered into the general population.

Brumfield said the jail nurse is working closely with the county health department to prevent disease transmission.

In other news, state health officials reported 526 newly identified coronavirus infections as Mississippi’s death toll from the virus surpassed 1,000.

State health officials also reported 22 deaths Wednesday afternoon, 12 of which occurred between May 30 and June 14. The statewide total of confirmed infections since March 11 was 23,424 and 1,011 deaths.

While the number of cases identified on a day-to-day basis remained stagnant around 300 for weeks on end, recent days have seen a significant increase in the intensity of the disease throughout the state.

Health officials reported identified nine new coronavirus infections in Pike County, bringing the local total up to 298 and 11 deaths since March 11. Amite County had 79 infections and two deaths, Franklin County had 32 infections and 2 deaths, Lawrence County has 135 infections and one death, Lincoln County had 396 infections and 32 deaths, Walthall County had 147 infections and three deaths and Wilkinson County has 86 infections and nine deaths.

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