Masks  given away  Friday at City Hall

Evangelist Sandra Bush is leading the mask give-away.

Before he died in a shooting last month, Nolan Wells wanted to help people safeguard themselves against the spread of coronavirus by helping his mother hold a face mask drive set for Friday at McComb City Hall.

Evangelist Sandra Bush said she’ll be leading the drive, which she is calling “Wear a Mask, Stop the Spread,” in her son’s memory.

“It is an effort to meet the needs of the people and an effort to help try to save lives,” she said. “I’m being driven to reach out and help people. There is a need and you can’t say that you care and see problems and you aren’t trying to do anything to solve the problem.”

The drive is scheduled from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Friday outside of McComb City Hall. People who attend will receive a bag containing a mask, a bottle of water and a Scripture of Isaiah 41:13.That passage in the Bible reads, “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.”

“This was even planned before the accidental death of my son,” Bush said. “It is more evident to me now to do what I can, not to focus on the death, but on life and it is kind of keeping me going, to tell you the truth. I am determined to do what I can.”

In addition to the memory of her late son motivating her to hold the drive, Bush is also driven by the fact that the coronavirus has affected some of her friends and loved ones.

“I do know people, even in the ministry, who have died from this virus,” she said.

And by holding this event, she wants to make a difference by providing masks to people in need.

“My job is not to search out why you are not wearing them but make them available if you want to wear them,” she said.

Bush wants to appeal to people over different age groups so she has a several different sizes and styles available in several different colors and designs. She said that she received plenty of help in obtaining and making masks.

House of Purpose Ministries, The Word Church of Hattiesburg and The Word Church in McComb helped make the masks, and city officials donated masks as well.

Bush is an evangelist with The Word Church McComb and will partner with other churches such as Restoration Ministries and First Baptist McComb. Bush said her goal is to have at least one mask drive a month in the foreseeable future.

Bush has received some positive feedback on her efforts, including from McComb Mayor Quordiniah Lockley.

But most of all, Bush said it’s special to hold an event to do a small part to try and tackle a big problem.  

“According to the CDC, it stops the spread,” she said. “If one person gets it then other people in the house have the potential to get it. Anything I can do to help stop this thing to keep it moving forward, I want to help families save lives. We need to pull together and we can do our part, and I think that the masks are a perfect start.”

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