Local hospitals are out of intensive care unit beds as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Mississippi, with the state reporting nearly 3,000 new cases in the past two days.

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1,593 new cases on Wednesday and another 1,395 Thursday.  The total number of cases in the state since February was 138,791.

Hospital availability is an increasing concern for MSDH.

As of Wednesday, the department reported that Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb was treating eight COVID-19 patients, two of whom were in the intensive care unit.

Of the 24 ICU beds at SMRMC, none were available Wednesday, with 22 used for non-virus patients.

There were also no ICU beds left at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Brookhaven, which has a total of six. That hospital was treating 10 COVID-19 patients, four of whom were in ICU.

In the past two days, Pike County added 17 new cases, Amite County added 16, Franklin added 10, Lawrence added 23, Lincoln added 36, Walthall added nine, and Wilkinson added two.

As hospitals got more crowded, schools saw more and more students sent home in quarantine or with the virus.

As of last Friday, North Pike High School reported 25 new student cases of COVID-19, as well as one to five new teacher cases. There were 144 students and three teachers in quarantine there.

North Pike Middle School reported one to five new cases each among teachers and students and quarantine of 60 students and two teachers.

Under five students had the virus and 23 were quarantined at North Pike Upper Elementary.

Fewer than five cases were reported among both teachers and students, and the quarantine of 27 students and three teachers was reported at North Pike Elementary.

McComb High School, which has returned to all-virtual learning, reported one to five new cases each among teachers and students and quarantine of 169 students and 13 teachers.

There were fewer than five new student and teacher cases at Denman Junior High, where there were 56 students and three teachers quarantined.

Higgins Middle School reported fewer than five new cases each, students and teachers, and quarantined 11 students and one teacher.

Kennedy Early Childhood Center reported fewer than five new teacher cases and quarantine of 11 students and five teachers.

Otken reported no new cases and quarantine of 21 students and six teachers.

South Pike High had six students and less than five teachers test positive for the virus. That school quarantined 22 students and five teachers.

South Pike Junior High had under five new student cases and quarantined 30 students.

Eva Gordon Upper Elementary quarantined two students and two teachers but reported no new cases.

Eva Gordon Lower Elementary had under five students and teachers test positive for the virus. That school quarantined 16 students and two teachers.

Osyka Elementary reported no new cases or quarantines.

Parklane Academy, which has had its own share of quarantines, hasn’t had its numbers reported to the state all school year.

School officials said they’ve been reporting their numbers to the Mid-South Association of Independent Schools, which apparently hasn’t been passing that information along to the state. MAAIS officials haven’t returned messages seeking comment about the situation.

The Amite County School District had no new teacher cases at the high school or elementary but fewer than five new student cases at the elementary. Four students at the elementary quarantined, and a student and a teacher at the high school quarantined.

In Walthall County, there less than five new teacher cases each at Salem Attendance Center and Tylertown Primary School. There were one to five new student cases at Tylertown High.

In quarantine were eight students and one teacher at Salem; four students and three teachers at Tylertown High; and five teachers at Tylertown Primary.

Dexter Attendance Center reported no new cases or quarantines.

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