A Pike County supervisor took issue with asphalt work Friday, saying it violates supervisors’ decision not to pave any roads this year and discriminates against people in his district.

District 1 Supervisor Tazwell Bowsky passed around photos of an unnamed road he said had recently been repaved.

“At the first of the year you said we were not going to pave any road,” Bowsky told board president Chuck Lambert. “This road right here has been paved for one solid mile.”

Lambert and other supervisors said they didn’t know which road Bowsky referred to. Bowsky would not name the road but indicated it was in northwest Pike County.

“I want to know how you can do a whole mile when I wanted a block done and you wouldn’t do that,” he said, citing Jack’s Drive.

Jack’s Drive is a gravel road less than a quarter mile long running south from Higgins Drive. In January, Bowsky threatened to sue the board of supervisors for not paving it.

“You have issues with paving roads, and it’s mostly roads that are underserved and underfunded,” Bowsky told Lambert.

“I’ve got roads like that in my district,” Lambert replied.

After the meeting, Lambert checked with road manager Mike Duncan and learned Magee Road off Robb Street West was recently preleveled.

Preleveling involves spreading asphalt with a motor grader. Paving involves applying tar and rock.

“Normally we do preleveling one summer, put tar and rock the next summer,” Lambert said,

In other business Friday, supervisors:

• Scheduled a public hearing 9 a.m. Oct. 15 on plans to expand the Progress Volunteer Fire Department Grading District. “It’s going to give a lot of people lower insurance rates,” said civil defense director Richard Coghlan, noting the new area will run south of Highway 98 between the Walthall County line and Pike 93.

• Held a public hearing on plans to abandon Boyd Reeves Road. Ted Ratcliff, who owns land along the road, expressed concerns that abandoning it will restrict access to his property. Supervisors took the matter under advisement so they can find out if they can grant Ratcliff an easement.

• Authorized Friendship Water Association to lay 8-inch water lines along Buck Circle, Pine Cone Lane, Cole Thomas Road and Robb Street Extension.

• Decided not to file a notice of intent with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History to allow Friendship Volunteer Fire Department to build a new station on the historic Holmesville Square, pending an offer by Holmesville landowner Dr. Will Austin to donate land for the station.

• Passed a resolution honoring the late former supervisor Doyle Foreman, who died Aug. 31 at age 87.

• Authorized a contract with Ruth Brock to provide computer-related services to the county on an hourly basis with different rates for different services.

• Heard an invitation from Supervisor Luke Brewer to a multi-church musical event at First Baptist Church, Summit, 6 p.m. Sunday.

• Learned that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a $99,800 grant for Scenic Rivers Development Alliance to conduct a feasibilty study on plans to build a hotel, convention center and other amenities at Okhissa Lake.

• Asked board attorney Wayne Dowdy to draw up a deed enabling supervisors to give the Magnolia Library to the town of Magnolia, with a clause requiring it to revert to the county if it ceases to be used as a library.

• Discussed the upcoming census with E911 coordinator Ricky Ivey.

• Approved a subdivision plat for East Fernwood Estates.

• Accepted a proposal from Windham & Lacey PLLC to provide auditing services for 2019 and 2020 at a cost of $65 per hour, not to exceed $19,825.

• Approved a $2,000 travel for advance for IT manager John Ivey to an eight-day technology conference at Orlando, Fla., in November.

• Voted to pay GP Engineering & Surveying of Summit $2,000 to survey the old Magnolia health department property.

 • Noted the transfer of Angela Robin Coulliette from the tax assessor’s office to the mapping department, and the hiring of Crystal Newton as deputy assessor.

• Approved the appointment of David Cullom as county fire investigator.

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