TYLERTOWN — Walthall County supervisors on Tuesday entertained another visit from a resident who wants the county to hold a tax sale on mobile homes.

Al Rodrigue addressed the board in August about why the county does not hold such a sale, and he made a pitch for it again Monday.

Rodrigue presented figures from Tax Assessor Peggy Hilburn’s office showing $68,000 in delinquent taxes on mobile homes in the past two fiscal years.

“What is your plan to collect those taxes?” Rodrigue asked supervisors.

Board attorney Conrad Mord it’s not the board’s responsibility to collect taxes.

Rodrigue pointed to a statute requiring the board to provide the resources for a tax sale, but Mord said the sale is held at the tax assessor’s discretion.

As she said last month, Hilburn said a tax sale would only bring in the taxes for current year, and any delinquent taxes would be lost and uncollectible.

Rodrigue suggested the proceeds of any tax sale go to the school district, and that unsold mobile homes be donated to the school’s welding program.

Mord said any taxes collected from such a sale would have to be placed in the county general fund and distributed to departments or other entities proportionally.

Rodrigue insisted that supervisors should push for a tax sale and give Hilburn the resources to hold one.

“If she asks for it, we’ll give her whatever she needs,” Supervisor Shelton Stogner said.

“Ask for their help,” Rodrigue said to Hilburn.

“I don’t want their help. I want to collect my own taxes,” Hilburn said.

Rodrigue continued to argue for the sale, but board president Larry’s Montgomery’s phone timer went off, and he told Rodrigue his five minutes of time to speak had expired.

“OK, so you’re just going to shoo me away like a fly,” said Rodrigue, holding a lime-green fly swatter. “I’ll be back next month.”

“We’ll see you then,” Montgomery replied.

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