With the resignation of McComb’s city clerk and the board’s decision to go without someone in the position, no one is legally authorized to sign employee checks as payday approaches.

Mayor Quordiniah Lockley said deputy clerks can do many things a full city clerk can do, but the signing of checks —  arguably the most important duty for city employees — is one thing only the city clerk can do.

“There are certain responsibilities only the city clerk, whether they are interim or not, the city clerk can do that and not deputy city clerks,” Lockley said. “That is why you have an interim. You don’t have to have my name on checks. You can get four board members, but you have to have a city clerk’s name.

“Now that we don’t have a city clerk, who is going to sign checks? Who’s going to sign warrants? It worries me.”

This comes after the board decided to rescind a previous board decision to place deputy clerk Rosezea Scott as interim city clerk until a replacement could be found.  

The city has between 180 and 200 employees and Lockley said none would be able to get individual checks, but there is a possibility of them getting paid through direct deposit if there is a person in city hall who is authorized to transfer money. He said he was not sure if deputy clerks had that authorization.

Lockley also noted that he may have to call another special meeting this week for the board to consider an interim city clerk, so that payroll can be handled.

Without an interim city clerk, the city will be without a full-time clerk until the advertising and interviewing process conclude.

Advertising for the job ends on April 15, and Lockley said it could be a couple weeks before the city can give the board a recommendation for a replacement.

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